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Winter Weather Car Hacks

We know that driving during the winter weather can be stressful at times. Not only can it make your commute longer, but it can also make your drive more dangerous if your car isn't taken care of properly. When it comes to driving in ice or snow, we a few a hacks that will help you conquer regular winter car problems and get you on the road quicker.  Use hand sanitizer to defrost car door handles and locks. Hand sanitizer has a main ingredient of alcohol which helps to quickly defrost ice. Keeping a small keychain sized hand sanitizer on your key ring can be helpful in this instance.    If your driveway is covered in ice or sleet, you may have trouble getting out of the driveway. Using kitty litter is another trick that can help give your car's tires traction with the road.    Another winter weather issue that you may find yourself experiencing is frozen windshield wipers. Putting old socks over each windshield wiper can help prevent the wipers from ... read more

Happy Thanksgiving from Autoworks of Issaquah!

Happy Holidays from all of us here at Autoworks of Issaquah! Here at our shop, our ultimate goal is to make sure that you and your family are safe on the road. If you're planning on traveling somewhere this holiday season, we recommend the following tips that will ensure that you reach your destination safely.  Be sure to plan ahead for your trip by looking up directions and choosing the best route. Check the weather along that route to see what you might be dealing with. Traveling in December can be unexpected, especially when it comes to snow.    Figure out if you might need chains packed if you're driving through snow or hills. Some areas will require chains to pass, so you may need them along your travels.    Have your vehicle inspected by the experts here at Autoworks of Issaquah before you leave to ensure that all of your vehicle's vital functions are in proper working order.    Check your vehicle's tires for proper t ... read more

How to Inspect Your Vehicle’s Coolant Levels

How to Inspect Your Vehicle’s Coolant Levels

The cooling system in your vehicle has a very important job - it will ensure that your engine stays cool while it works hard and omits a ton of heat. If the cooling system isn't working properly, the engine will overheat and the mass amount of heat will begin to warp metal and cause corrosion and damage to important components. This is why it is so important that your cooling system is in working order at all times and that your coolant levels are correct.  Since coolant levels are so important, understanding how to check them yourself can come in handy. Of course you can always bring your vehicle into the experts here at Autoworks of Issaquah for assistance, but if you want to just take a look at your coolant levels throughout the year yourself, here is how to do so.  First, you'll need to look under the hood of your vehicle. Make sure that your car is turned off. If you are unsure of how to look under your car hood safely, please refrain from checking your coolant ... read more

Why New Tires are Important for Your Vehicle

Tires are a safety feature of your vehicle which should be regularly inspected and serviced. Tires need to be at the correct tire pressure at all times and need to be rotated and balanced regularly to avoid uneven tire wear. You should also be checking your tire's tread regularly to ensure that they have the proper tread to keep control during any weather condition.  If you do find that your vehicle needs new tires, it is important to bring your car into the vehicle experts here at Autoworks of Issaquah for a more thorough inspection and tire assistance. While some car owners may consider used tires, new tires may be more efficient and a better option for your vehicle.  New tires can be more expensive then used tires, but they are guaranteed to last much longer and will be much more reliable on the road. While a used tire can look fine from the outside, the inside of the tire could be worn out. New tires will ensure that you avoid tire blowouts and flats that can happen ... read more

Teen Driving Safety Tips

School has started back up for the year, and if you have a teen going back to high school or attending your local college, it's important to reiterate driving safety tips for them to remember throughout the year. Thousands of accidents per year involve teen drivers, mainly due to distractions and driving under the influence. Here are some safety tips that you can share with your teen that will help keep everyone safer on the road:  Never get behind the wheel after consuming a mind-altering substance. The only way you should ever drive is completely sober.  Never talk or text on your cell phone while driving. Remember, IT CAN WAIT.  Obey the speed limit and other laws put into place on the road, such as always using your blinker, making complete stops at stop signs, etc.  Drive safely. Don't try to weave through traffic or drive dangerously.  Try to minimize distractions on the road, whether from your passengers or the radio.  Always have a pl ... read more

Things to Know When Road Tripping Out of State

The summer months are the perfect time for road trips, especially when the kids are out of school and the weather is warm. If you’re planning a road trip that travels out of state, we recommend doing research before you embark to ensure that you’re ready for your travels.  When traveling out of state for a road trip, be sure to research the state or states that you will be traveling to or through. A good thing to be familiar with are state traffic laws, which can greatly differ between states. This will ensure that you’re able to drive safely and obey the law on your journey.  It is also a good idea to research the weather and climate of your destination. This will allow you to be more prepared for a certain weather conditions, such as rain. You’ll be able to pack clothing more efficiently and ensure that you have the right belongings to accommodate different weather if needed.  Another good thing to look up before your road trip is your exact ... read more

Get Ready for Your Family Road Trip

If you’re planning on taking the family on a road trip this season, making sure that you are organized and prepared will keep your family happy and minimize the stress of the trip. Here are some tips on how to get you and your family ready for your road trip! Make sure to plan breaks along the way. A short break every couple of hours is recommended. These could be at rest stops or gas stations, just a chance to get out of the car and stretch your legs. If kids are traveling along, you may find that bathroom breaks will be needed during these breaks, too.  Schedule out activities during the car ride. For instance, have a nap time, a reading time, a movie time (if possible), and maybe a snack time. This will help keep the kids occupied and also keep them from getting overwhelmed during the car ride. Have plenty of snacks and drinks on hand. Kids are especially going to get hungry along the way, and it won’t hurt the driving adults to have a snack as well to keep their ... read more

Tips for Keeping Cool This Summer

Summer is almost here, and whether you're planning a road trip or spending time with family at home or by the pool, we want you to stay safe, protected, and cool. The temperatures are rising, which means that we will be more than likely spending more time outdoors. The extra time spent on the sun requires us to pay more attention to our health and protection.    Here are some helpful tips on how to keep cool this summer:    Wear loose fitting, comfortable clothing in light colors and airy fabrics. Stay hydrated by drinking water and juice. Avoid hot foods and consider cooler options like chilled soups, fruit or garden salads, cold pasta salads or sandwiches. Set your air conditioner to re-circulate. This not only keeps the air cooler, but makes it easier on your vehicle to maintain the desired temperature. Consider traveling during the milder morning and evening hours and finding shelter inside when the sun is at its most dangerous (10am – 4pm). Da ... read more

Check Your Car’s A/C Before Summer Driving

The days are getting warming, and it is time to check your vehicle’s A/C system to ensure that it is working properly. A properly maintained A/C system will ensure that it is always in top working condition and will help you avoid costly repairs that can occur with poor A/C system maintenance.    A vehicle’s heating, ventilating and air conditioning system keeps the interior of your vehicle comfortable in any season by providing the right temperature and humidity level. A thorough inspection should be performed annually and our shop will:   Checks pressures to test operation, refrigerant charge and outlet temperatures. Check for any leaks Top-off Refrigerant Check the compressor’s drive belt and tension If you suspect an issue with your vehicle’s A/C system or are due for an inspection, don’t hesitate to give us a call or request an appointment online. We will help keep you cool through the warmer months ahead of us

Springtime Car Maintenance

It’s officially Spring, and what better time to take advantage of the warming weather than planning your next road trip. The winter season can be harsh on our vehicles, especially in extremely cold weather conditions. Spring is the perfect time to bring your vehicle into our experts for a full inspection to catch any small problems now before they become larger, more expensive problems down the road.    Our top Spring vehicle maintenance services include:  Make sure that air conditioning works well Check your tires for pressure, tread, and overall condition Test headlights, tail lights, brake lights, and all interior lights to ensure that they are working properly Change your windshield wipers and top off wiper fluid Have all fluids including power steering, transmission, and brake inspected Check the battery for any signs of corrosion Staying on top of all factory recommended maintenance Check an oil and filter change is your car is due Inspect coolant le ... read more

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