If your Check Engine light comes on while driving contact us for solutions. We have State of the Art technology to properly diagnose your engine light or other warning lights. Sometimes this can be as easy as a loose gas cap. There are dozens of reasons the light can come on, we have the knowledge and ability to determine what the problem is.

If you would like us to scan your vehicle for engine codes we can do that for free. Once we determine what codes are there we can discuss any further diagnostics and what it would cost to diagnose further. Give us a call and we can walk you through the process. 

Does your engine fail to start, or is the battery or alternator light on? We can test your electrical system to determine the cause.

Does your vehicle seem to run rough or sluggish? Our certified technicians can test and evaluate what is needed to correct the problem.

Do you hear noises that you didn’t used to hear? Give us a call and we can set up an appointment to check it out. We would love to go for a test drive with you to help identify your specific concern.

If your engine coolant (anti-freeze) seems to get low you may have a leak. We can pressure test the system and find the leak and let you know what is needed.

Do you have lights that don’t work properly? We have factory schematics to determine what is wrong.

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