Monthly Archives: December 2019

Winter Weather Car Hacks

We know that driving during the winter weather can be stressful at times. Not only can it make your commute longer, but it can also make your drive more dangerous if your car isn't taken care of properly. When it comes to driving in ice or snow, we a few a hacks that will help you conquer regular winter car problems and get you on the road quicker.  Use hand sanitizer to defrost car door handles and locks. Hand sanitizer has a main ingredient of alcohol which helps to quickly defrost ice. Keeping a small keychain sized hand sanitizer on your key ring can be helpful in this instance.    If your driveway is covered in ice or sleet, you may have trouble getting out of the driveway. Using kitty litter is another trick that can help give your car's tires traction with the road.    Another winter weather issue that you may find yourself experiencing is frozen windshield wipers. Putting old socks over each windshield wiper can help prevent the wipers from ... read more

Happy Thanksgiving from Autoworks of Issaquah!

Happy Holidays from all of us here at Autoworks of Issaquah! Here at our shop, our ultimate goal is to make sure that you and your family are safe on the road. If you're planning on traveling somewhere this holiday season, we recommend the following tips that will ensure that you reach your destination safely.  Be sure to plan ahead for your trip by looking up directions and choosing the best route. Check the weather along that route to see what you might be dealing with. Traveling in December can be unexpected, especially when it comes to snow.    Figure out if you might need chains packed if you're driving through snow or hills. Some areas will require chains to pass, so you may need them along your travels.    Have your vehicle inspected by the experts here at Autoworks of Issaquah before you leave to ensure that all of your vehicle's vital functions are in proper working order.    Check your vehicle's tires for proper t ... read more

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