What Maintenance Does My Car Need for Fall?

It's officially the fall season, and here in Issaquah, we can expect the showers to start falling soon and the weather to cool down in the next few weeks. When the leaves start turning colors and we suddenly need to wear our sweaters again, it's time to think about your vehicle's maintenance. 

See, during the summer, the heat can take a toll on our vehicles. The warm temperatures can wear out parts faster and can break down important fluids. Plus, many drivers tend to use their vehicles more often during the summer because they are taking road trips or have some time off work to spend time with family. In any case, it's important to have your vehicle serviced and inspected after the summer to restore your vehicle and ensure that it is ready for the weather changes to come. 

Here in Washington, we are no stranger to the rain, and with the rainstorms on their way, getting your vehicle prepared will save you time, money, and trouble. Here are some of the maintenance items that we recommend you have performed at the beginning of the fall season to keep you and your family safe on the road in the coming months: 

Replace your windshield wipers

The summer can definitely dry out your windshield wipers, and having constant rain in Washington, now is the time to have them replaced and to check your wiper fluid as well. 

Check your tires

No one wants to find themselves hydroplaning on a wet road, so making sure that your tires have proper tread is super important when it comes to anticipating rainfall. 

Inspect all fluids

Since important fluids can break down in the heat, we will check that all of your vehicle's vital fluids are topped off and clean so that you won't find yourself with any car trouble in the fall. 

Test heater and defroster

We all want to be comfortable on the road, so checking your heater and defroster will ensure that you'll be able to stay toasty in the cold and will be able to see clearly when your windshield fogs up. 

Check the brake system

On wet roads, the brake system needs to be working at its best. We will test your brakes and give them a good inspection to ensure that they are ready to handle the slippery conditions to come. 

Test all exterior lights

Your exterior lights let others on the road know your presence and also when you are turning or braking, so having these lights tested is important to avoid accidents - especially considering that the days will soon be shorter. 

Inspect the battery

The battery is one of those components that can be greatly affected by the warm summer sun. We will test that your battery still had good charge and won't die on you unexpectedly throughout the season (unless you leave your headlights on overnight, of course)

These are just some of the more important fall vehicle maintenance items to take care of after the summer that will ensure your vehicle will remain reliable in the next couple of months. Halloween and Thanksgiving are in the near future, and regardless of your holiday plans, we want to be here to help when you need a trusted vehicle. 

If you're due for fall vehicle maintenance in Issaquah, WA, we invite you into our professionals here at Autoworks of Issaquah for friendly service today! 

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