What Can Cause Your Vehicle To Have a Poor Gas Mileage?

After driving your automobile for a while, you will probably begin to approximate how much your full tank typically costs and how many miles a full gas tank will last you. However, there are specific car problems and personal habits that can change the frequency of your visits to the gas station. If you notice that your vehicle's fuel economy has significantly decreased, you may need to re-evaluate your vehicle's condition with our list below.


Lousy vehicle maintenance is one of the top reasons for poor fuel economy. The better care you take of your car, the better it will run and perform in the long run. You'll end up spending less money on gas and repairs when you invest in high-quality vehicle maintenance. A routine vehicle inspection here at Autoworks of Issaquah will keep your vehicle always running at its best.


Here are some of the most common explanations for why your vehicle has seen a reduction in fuel economy: 

Mechanical Problems

  • Incorrect tire pressure
  • Poor tire alignment
  • Bad oxygen sensors
  • Dirty or clogged filters (engine or fuel)
  • Worn out piston rings
  • Bad spark plugs
  • Clogged or failing fuel injectors
  • The incorrect type of engine oil being used in your car

Driving Habits

  • Idling too long
  • Excessive slamming on the accelerator/brakes
  • Carrying heavy loads
  • Excessive use of air conditioning
  • Not using cruise control

The good news is, you can start to improve your vehicle's gas mileage by simply making a few changes. We invite you to bring your vehicle to Autoworks of Issaquah regularly for inspections and service. Give us a call today at (425) 270-8911 if you have any questions or concerns!

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