Understanding the Importance of 30/60/90K Maintenance

If you've ever purchased a vehicle from a dealership, chances are you've heard the phrase 30/60/90K maintenance. The manufacturer recommends this auto repair and maintenance routine to keep your car running at its best, usually every 30,000 miles (hence the intervals 30/60/90K). Most people feel this is just a ploy by the dealer to milk more money out of them. However, the maintenance schedule can be super advantageous for all parties. For instance, you can save money on more costly repairs down the road.

The factory-recommended maintenance intends for you to perform maintenance on time and resolve any minor issues your car may encounter in its lifetime. Here are several reasons why it's critical to follow it:

  • Your manufacturer warranty may depend on it.Some car producers won't honor the agreement if you ignore the maintenance schedule.
  • It can save hundreds or thousands on expensive repairs. Replacing a timing belt at 90K miles, for example, costs a few hundred dollars, while replacing a broken timing belt can easily cost upwards of a thousand dollars due to other damages it may have caused.
  • It prolongs the life of your car. Your car will run better and more efficiently if you have regular maintenance performed.
  • It holds the value of the vehicle. You'll be able to increase your asking price when you want to trade in or sell your car if it has been appropriately cared for.

What Kind Of Services Does It Entail?

The details of 30/60/90K maintenance may differ somewhat by the manufacturer. Still, it should always include a thorough inspection of the vehicle to look for problems. It should also include repairs or replacements of certain parts if needed. The maintenance may include any of the following:

  • Changing oil and filters
  • Changing or flushing of fluids
  • Replacing spark plugs
  • Rotating tires
  • Inspecting hoses and belts

Early visits will involve more maintenance practices. Whereas, later on, the appointments will require more replacements of essential parts, like spark plugs and filters.  


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