Top Signs Your Cooling System Is in Trouble

Signs that your cooling system is struggling are simple to spot, but fixing the problem can take time and effort. Many car owners overlook these early signs, which means that sooner or later, there will be a lot of misery sooner or later. The sooner you deal with these problems, the easier it is to fix the system and get back to cruising again. Here are some signs of impending trouble that you should look for so that you can do what it takes to aver the situation before it becomes a bigger problem.

The A/C Compressor Is Hard To Start

This sign is pretty easy to identify, and you can notice that immediately upon turning on the ignition. This indicates a severe problem with your compressor or a loose ground wire in the system. There are times when the A/C dries out and will not start at all, but usually, if it turns over without the engine cranking, it means there's a problem.

The Radiator Leaks

A radiator that leaks can cause many problems with the A/C and heater. If you see a steady stream of an amber-colored liquid from the radiator, that indicates a leak somewhere. If you hear gushing sounds from your car, this is a sure sign. Coolant flows into the heat exchanger can cause it to crack or warp, which will, in turn, lead to a hefty repair bill.

Check Engine Light Is On

The check engine light can signal that something is wrong with your A/C system. Usually, this means there is a vacuum leak or an electrical issue that needs addressing before it worsens.

The A/C Blows Hot Air at Low Speeds

Sometimes you will find that the A/C blows cold air at higher speeds, but when you slow down, it turns hot immediately, making your ride less comfortable. When you drop your speed, the A/C system will be under less pressure, which means it has to work harder. If you see the air coming from the vents is hotter than normal when you slow down, consult a professional as soon as possible.

Compressor Running Continuously

If your compressor runs continuously, it could mean that there's a belt that's not connecting properly, or perhaps the compressor itself needs replacement. Sometimes after a short time, the belt runs out of tension, so there is nothing to stop it from operating continually. This can cause many problems with your system and result in damage ranging from blemishes on the paint to cracked fins on your radiator.

This is a straightforward guide that every car owner should know, and make it a habit to check these signs regularly to keep your A/C system in shape for years and in good working condition. If you need cooling system repair, we invite you to bring your vehicle to Autoworks of Issaquah today!


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