Tips for Night Time Driving

Night driving is daunting and dreadful for most drivers. But with a few precautionary measures, it's safe. Still, there is an increased risk of accidents at night than daytime. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), fatal road crashes triple during the night. This is mainly from poor depth perception and visibility.

Tips for Driving Safely at Night

  • Keep your view clear

Ensure your windshield is clear and clean from dust, bugs, grease, and other obstructions. A dirty view increases the effects of glare. Also, check your side mirrors. If they have any cracks, fix them immediately.

  • Know how to use your beams

When driving on rural or open roads, use high beams. But, if another vehicle is approaching, dim them to avoid blinding the other driver. Also, don't use high beams if you are behind another car. Experts recommended using adaptive lighting systems that automatically adjust beams in the presence of other vehicles.

  • Adjust your dashboard lighting

Bright dashboard lights may distract your vision at night. Dimming the dashboard lights removes reflections on the windshield and windows, improving your vision. But ensure the critical controls are visible.

  • Drive defensively

While you should always be cautious driving, be extra defensive at night. It's not easy to see pedestrians, cyclists, signs, or wild animals at night. Be on high alert and avoid anything that may cause visual impairment.

  • Drive sober

Impaired or drowsy driving is dangerous and among the leading causes of accidents. If you feel fatigued and must drive, take some rest, roll down the windows for fresh air, sing or turn on the radio. Remember, there may be other tired drivers, so stay alert. Also, if you drink alcohol, always call a cab or have a trusted designated driver.

  • Slow down and increase the distance

You may be rushing home after work but slow down. Also, avoid tailgating by keeping a reasonable distance between your car and the vehicle in front. Adjust your speed, too, for better visibility.

These tips help you drive safely at night, making it uneventful. But also, always keep your car in good condition through regular maintenance. You are welcome to visit Autoworks of Issaquah today.

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