Signs That Your Shock Absorbers Need Replacement

The shock absorber is a vital component in a vehicle's suspension system that plays a necessary role in preventing your vehicle from bouncing. It does so by absorbing the road impact. Over time, the shocks will need replacing. Read on to learn more about the warning signs of worn shock absorbers.

Signs that your shock absorbers need replacement

The following are some warning indicators that your shock absorbers need to be replaced:

1. Rough ride

The most obvious indicator of a shock absorber issue is a bumpier ride. If you feel like you're about to lose control of your car over a bump or pothole, check your shocks.

2. Bad steering

Steering difficulty is another shock absorber issue symptom. The steering wheel may be stiff whenever you turn or change lanes, and the vehicle may tend to lean in the process.

3. Instability when Braking

When shock absorbers don't work right, they can cause more than just suspension problems. When you brake, your vehicle may feel unstable or lurch forward.

4. Fluid leaks

Fluid leaks are the most obvious sign that your shock absorbers need replacing.

5. Uneven tyre tread wear

Uneven tyre wear can indicate worn shock absorbers. Damaged suspensions can cause wear or scalloped dips which may decrease tyre performance or failure.

Bottom Line

These are just few warning indicators you shouldn't overlook. Letting your shock absorbers wear out completely causes stress and damage to other vehicle's systems and components. If you need shock absorber replacement, we invite you to bring your vehicle to Autoworks of Issaquah today!

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