Shocks & Struts 101


Shocker! Your technician says your vehicle needs new shocks or struts. You’ve heard it before. What are these things, anyway? And do you absolutely need them?


What are Shocks & Struts?

All vehicles come equipped with shocks, struts, or both. Shocks, or a shock absorber, do precisely what you’d think: they absorb unevenness or bumps in the road, allowing the vehicle to maneuver steadily. Struts, on the other hand, serve a similar purpose and are designed differently. Both are affixed to your vehicle’s suspension system and are an integral part of steering, handling and control, comfort, and safety.


What’s Their Purpose?

Typically when people think of shocks and struts, they envision the vehicle’s movement and the comfortability of the ride. However, shocks and struts are crucial for your safety. When struts and shocks wear, it allows your wheels to spring back, making them less able to grip the road. Therefore, worn-out shocks and struts will affect steering, handling, and braking.


When Should They Be Replaced?

Due to normal usage over time, shocks and struts periodically need to be replaced. For the average driver, shocks and struts last for about 60,000 miles. The endurance of the shocks and struts might be shorter depending on how often you drive on bumpy roads. In addition, your car’s manufacturer will recommend service and replacements based on average mileage intervals. When you take your vehicle in for a maintenance service, your mechanic should inspect the condition of your vehicle’s shocks and struts and give you a recommendation based on your vehicle’s condition. 



Unlike many other mechanics at other auto repair shops, our team puts tremendous thought and care into our recommendations. We take into consideration your goals, budget, and desires with your vehicle. Beyond a mere visual inspection, our technicians also instill a “bounce test” to better determine the severity of recommended repairs. We are ready to service your vehicle at Autoworks Of Issaquah. Give us a call or stop by today for shocks and struts repair!

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