Purchase Confidence with a Used Car Inspection

Most of us wouldn't buy an expensive suit or dress without trying it on for fit, nor would we even consider investing in a property without conducting a thorough inspection. However, when it comes to the purchase of a used car, we are sometimes reluctant to engage in the same degree of due diligence. It may be that we've found the exact make and model we prefer, with a spotless interior and great looking paintwork. As with all areas of life, appearances can be misleading, and the only person who can ascertain whether your desired car will live up to your expectations, be structurally and mechanically safe, and likely economical to maintain, is an experienced auto-mechanic. Here's why a pre-purchase inspection at a trusted car workshop is absolutely worth every cent.

A mechanic sees what you can't

Your mechanic will conduct a thorough examination of the exterior and interior of the car, inspecting its engine bay, the state of the wheels and tyres, and the functioning of the brakes and suspension. During a test drive, they will check the engine and transmission performance. A mechanic will also be on the lookout for any prior accident damage that may impact the car's safety or mechanical rigor, and whether there have been poorly executed repairs that are likely to fail. They will provide you with an overall assessment of the car's value, and any present or future issues that need addressing.

Why a mobile inspection doesn't pass muster

Mobile pre-purchase inspections, where a mechanic will examine a used car in situ, are a seemingly convenient choice, but one that could end up costing you far more in the long-term. While they enable you to avoid any negotiations with the seller to take the car off their premises, there are vital aspects related to the car's safety, reliability, and value, that may go overlooked. A mobile diagnostic doesn't allow for the car to be put up on a lift and be examined for any fluid leaks or other possible issues that require an inspection of the undercarriage.

It's absolutely fine to shop for a used car with your heart, so long as you involve a professional to do the necessary headwork to ensure its driveability, safety, and value. If a pre-purchase inspection reveals flaws in the car that are fixable, you can still choose to proceed with the sale. If you need a pre-purchase used vehicle inspection, give Autoworks of Issaquah a call today!

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