How Is the Car Heater Linked to the Cooling System?

Did you know that the warm air blowing through your vents this winter comes from your car engine? The engine cooling system is linked to the heating system. Therefore, when your car heater stops working or isn’t keeping you warm enough, you should have your cooling system checked out. 

Your vehicle’s heating system revolves around the heater core. The cooling system parts that play a part in bringing heat into the cabin include the coolant fluid, water pump, thermostat, and radiator. 

  • Coolant - Mix of antifreeze and water
  • Water Pump - Pushes coolant to and out of the engine and radiator and heater core
  • Thermostat - Monitors temperature and opens and closes accordingly to let coolant through the engine
  • Radiator - Helps disperse engine heat

When your engine generates a significant amount of heat, the cooling system helps move some of it out. While most of the heat is put through the exhaust system, some of it gets absorbed into the cooling system and brought through the heater core to bring heat through your vents. 

So next time you press on the heating controls of your car, think about this cool process. At the end of the day, you should prioritize taking care of your cooling system more. Specifically, you should keep the coolant or antifreeze levels in your car at an optimal level. We recommend bringing your vehicle to Autoworks of Issaquah for seasonal cooling system inspections.

Furthermore, we can perform fluid flushes to keep the system clean. If your heater is blowing cool air, please bring your vehicle to Autoworks of Issaquah. Our talented techs can troubleshoot the problem and perform the necessary repairs so that you and your loved ones stay warm this winter (while your engine stays cool).

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