How Can I Prepare My Vehicle for the Summer?

There's something truly special about the summertime - the warmer weather, kids are out of school, and vacations planned from months earlier are finally coming into view. It is also a time where many people are using their vehicles more, whether they are visiting friends or family or taking their car for a road trip. With the increase in the use of our cars, it is important to get our vehicles ready for the summer heat and ensure that they will last through the next couple of months without major issues. 

The summer tends to take a toll on our vehicles, due to both the heat and increase in use. In order to control and maintain the extra wear and tear, there are certain things that you can do as a vehicle owner to help prepare your vehicle for the summer. 

  • Have your vehicle inspected here at Autoworks of Issaquah before any long trips. Road trips are a popular occurrence around this time of year, and before you hit the road, you'll definitely want to ensure that your vehicle can last through the long drive. While you may not suspect any issues, it is still good for your safety and peace of mind to have a pre-trip inspection performed to check all of your car's vital systems for proper operation. 
  • Try to park out of direct sunlight when you can. Direct sunlight on our cars for extended periods of time during the summer can affect your vehicle's exterior and can contribute to your car's overall wear. We suggest parking in the shade when possible! 
  • Get your vehicle's A/C inspected if it has been a while since your last check. You don't want to get stuck in the heat without a working air conditioner, especially considering how hot the inside of a vehicle can get when in the sun. A quick test and possible charge can make your driving in the summer much more comfortable! 
  • Check your vehicle's windshield wipers for proper operation and replace them if they look dried out or frayed. Rain can fall at any time here in Washington, but aside from that, the summer also brings dust and dirt to our windshields which may need to be cleaned on the road for proper visibility. Check your wiper washing fluid, too! 
  • Summer is also a great time to check your vehicle's tires. Good tires are always important, especially if you're planning on driving a lot during the summer. Make sure they are still in good condition and replace them if need. Also, check tire pressure regularly to guarantee that you are getting the best fuel mileage! 

These are just some of the ways in which you can help prepare your vehicle for summer driving. As always, if you need any type of inspection or auto care, the experts here at Autoworks of Issaquah are here to help! 

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