Driving Habits That Can Hurt Your Car

There's no such thing as the ideal driver because we've all been guilty of certain bad driving habits. While things like forgetting to use a turn on a signal can annoy other drivers on the road, some lousy driving practices can do some major damage to your vehicle. Let's break down five of the most common driving habits that can hurt your car and how you can avoid them.



Some places may have more pothole problems than others, but the reality is that you can find potholes anywhere. These sneaky road gashes can cause more than a bumpy ride. When hit head-on, potholes can also damage your car's suspension, steering, and wheel alignment. In order to curb this problem, stay alert and drive defensively to help avoid potholes. In some cases slowing down can help by minimizing the impact and the potential damage.



Like hitting potholes at high speed, going over a speed bump too fast is another driving habit that can compromise your automobile's alignment. As indicated in the name, speed bumps are designed to keep both pedestrians and drivers safe by slowing down vehicles. Your vehicle can especially take a brutal hit if your car rides low. Hitting a speed bump roughly can put a dent in your bumpers or wound components in the undercarriage. 



Did you know that you're supposed to use your parking brake, or e-brake, every time you park—no matter what kind of ground you're on! Hilly or flat, please remember to use your emergency brake when parking to ease the stress put on your transmission. 



Every time you swiftly shift from "Reverse" to "Drive" while your car is still in motion, your car's transmission system takes a hit. The transmission isn't built to halt your car and switch gears at the same time. It depends on the brakes to stop the car's movement to transition between gears smoothly. Shifting gears while your vehicle is in motion can destroy the transmission. As they probably taught you in driver's ed, you should always come to a complete stop before shifting any gears. 



Is your dashboard display lit up like holiday lights? This is a distress signal, and your car is asking for help! Leaving dashboard lights uninvestigated could leave you stranded or stuck with notable (and costly) repairs. We advise that you pay extra attention to the battery, brake, airbag, coolant, oil, and check engine light. 


Please feel free to stop by Autoworks Of Issaquah for a full-point inspection to avoid further damage to your vehicle. Our technicians are well-versed in repairing any of the impairments described above in various car makes. Give us a call or visit today!


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