Audi Models Explained: Simple And Easy

Audi is one of the most popular vehicle manufacturers. While it is owned by the VW Group, it differs from the other vehicles quite a lot, which makes it a favorite amongst the public. But what do all of the letters and numbers on their models mean? Well, we will take a closer look at exactly this, down below. Continue reading if you want to find out more about the meaning behind Audi's model labeling.

"A" Models

Models starting with the letter "A" are usually the most basic of the whole lineup. You can find sedans, coupes, and wagons under the "A" letter. After the letter, you can find a number, designated to the class of the vehicle, starting at 1 (being the least luxurious) and ending at 8 (which is the best of the "A" line). But don't get things mixed up; most basic doesn't mean worst; quite the opposite, actually.

"Q" Models

If you have looked at an SUV made by Audi, you have probably found the letter "Q" somewhere. This is because all of the SUVs produced by Audi carry the letter "Q" in their model name. Just like the other lineups, the higher the number after the letter, the better the performance and luxury.

"S" Models

Simply put, you can look at the letter "S" in models as an extension meant to mean luxury and performance. You can find it by replacing the "A" in a lot of sedans, coupes, and wagons, as well as right before the "Q" in SUVs. Some models receive a little bit of everything, while others, like the S8, have a lot changed in them after the "S" upgrade.

"RS" Models

When talking about the "RS" lineup, performance, luxury, and speed are the highest priorities. All of the vehicles carrying the "RS" title are the best of their kind. For example, the RS6 is the best version of the A6. Sometimes, there is an increase in horsepower, doubling that of previous "A" models.

"Allroad" Models

While "Allroad" isn't exactly a model, it is a trim given by Audi to vehicles capable of going through rough terrain. They usually sport a more rugged look and have extra protection from the elements.

What Is "Quattro"?

Audi is infamous for their AWD system, the "Quattro". A lot of people argue that it's the best on the market and excels in bad or slippery terrain. It finds a way to grip the road in even the most impossible situations. If you are looking for a car that will never get stuck in the middle of winter or in the backcountry, make sure to check out the "Quattro" models.

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