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Monthly Archives: August 2019

Teen Driving Safety Tips

School has started back up for the year, and if you have a teen going back to high school or attending your local college, it's important to reiterate driving safety tips for them to remember throughout the year. Thousands of accidents per year involve teen drivers, mainly due to distractions and driving under the influence. Here are some safety tips that you can share with your teen that will help keep everyone safer on the road:  Never get behind the wheel after consuming a mind-altering substance. The only way you should ever drive is completely sober.  Never talk or text on your cell phone while driving. Remember, IT CAN WAIT.  Obey the speed limit and other laws put into place on the road, such as always using your blinker, making complete stops at stop signs, etc.  Drive safely. Don't try to weave through traffic or drive dangerously.  Try to minimize distractions on the road, whether from your passengers or the radio.  Always have a pl ... read more

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